About Drawables

Love for booklets and stationery

The origin of Drawables arose from my passion for unique booklets. This stationery webshop offers me the opportunity to share this passion and to make others happy with these products. The range mainly consists of notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, planners and artistic accessories and will be further expanded. Don't forget to take a look at the website from time to time to stay informed about new brands and products.

Nuuna Not White Notebook Yellow Nuuna Not White Yellow

Small and big names

I choose the range carefully to create a nice balance between established brands and lesser-known brands. The quality of the products is always paramount and that is why I often test the products myself before purchasing them. When selecting new products, it is also important to me that they are products that I would purchase myself. In this way I hope to appeal to people who share my passion.

Creative people and book enthusiasts

Drawables is for: the creative person who likes to experiment and is looking for a suitable sketchbook for different media; watercolor gurus who swear by that one sketchbook by Etchr or Hahnemühle ; beginners making the switch to a cold pressed sketchbook; colleagues who take neat notes during important meetings and like to steal the show with their stone paper notebook; people who keep a creative diary and are looking for a bullet journal for the next chapter or people who love funky stationery accessories .

Etchr 100% cotton sketchbooks in different sizes Etchr 100% cotton sketchbooks

Packaged and shipped with love

For large companies such as Amazon and Bol, an order is just a number, but for me your order is like a gift. That's why I make sure that I pack your order with love and send it as a gift. Although Drawables is not a physical store, I like to build a personal connection.

Help make Drawables better?

Do you have ideas for great products or tips for us to make our service even better? Send me a message via the chat or the contact form . Even if you are happy with our service, you help us a lot with a review on Google or Trustpilot .

Promote drawables

Are you interested in promoting Drawables or certain products on your own channels? Feel free to send a message to see how we can work together!

Have a Drawable day! 🌞